Dreamcatcher Credit: Ogasabara Masaki

Dreamcatcher evolved out of a chipper five-member Korean girl group called Minx that launched in 2014 and soldiered through a couple of unsuccessful years. In 2017 they started again, armed with a new name, two more members, and a gothic makeover. Their debut single as Dreamcatcher, “Chase Me”—indebted to 2000s alt-metal groups such as Evanescence—introduced their new sound, a seamless melding of pop music with rock pastiche. Their follow-up, “Good Night,” includes a rap verse, multiple guitar riffs, and a relatively upbeat chorus that all blend together beautifully. On the recent Japanese-language track “Breaking Out,” Dreamcatcher take things even further by juxtaposing a tropical house beat with grandiose symphonic rock. K-pop groups often mix genres, but Dreamcatcher manage to stand out in a crowded industry, since few of their peers incorporate elements of alt-metal or hard rock. They consistently feature a marriage of rock and pop on their lead singles, but they make unexpected leaps too: “Wonderland” indulges in sultry R&B, “July 7th” is a buoyant reggae song, and “Which a Star” is frothy synth-pop that recalls Glasgow trio Chvrches. Dreamcatcher confidently adapt to any style they tackle, and their success since their overhaul suggests they can take on anything.   v