L.A. VanGogh Credit: Bria Williams

On “Goldmember’s Alchemy” Chicago rapper-singer L.A. VanGogh extols the value of labor, with lines arguing that the only way to attain riches yourself is to put in the work. And with his new Everything Is Subjective: Episode 2 (Private Stock), he makes sure to show you how. L.A. has long since proved himself to be one of the most gifted vocalists in Chicago hip-hop, veering so smoothly between singing and rapping that he seems to evaporate the barriers between those forms. Episode 2 adds another section to his resumé, as his words nimbly tiptoe, pirouette, and glide atop suave keys and gently clacking percussion. On “Cause…” his lyrical romantic gestures and come-ons help get the job done, but the tender touch of his golden voice on the hook does all the heavy lifting.   v