La Luz Credit: Courtesy of the artists

Had La Luz been around during the garage revival of the early 2000s, they would’ve done a great job saving us from all the monotone Strokes imitators. But regardless of which era they emerged in, they’d have been able to make it on their own terms as a rock ’n’ roll band, not as trend hoppers. Formed in 2012 in Seattle and based in Los Angeles since 2015, La Luz capture a moodier, more introspective side of garage rock—and never drop the beat. Guitarist Shana Cleveland sings in a blasé way that complements the band’s jungle of guitar twang and constant organ grind. While La Luz clearly inspired by 60s rock instrumentalists such as Link Wray and Dick Dale (Rest in Peace), their music also contains traces of Roy Orbison (albeit a raunchier version). A sizable portion of their numbers are instrumental, but the vocals drive home the melancholia, and you can expect them to rip it up in person.   v