Lando Chill Credit: Nick Grayson

“[I’m] just the Burt Bacharach of the shit,” Lando Chill muses on “Clypped,” off his latest album, Black Ego. Like most lyrics from the Tucson rapper, the boast first comes across as a woozy offhand joke, but the more you think about it, the deeper it seems to get. The album’s laid-back, loungy trip-hop vibe comes courtesy of producer, the Lasso (aka Andy Catlin) and Chill’s rhymes wrap around the meaning of his words with an easy, intricate sophistication that would make Bacharach lyricist Hal David envious. On “Facts,” the Lasso lays down a deep stoned beat leavened with what sounds like a jazz vibraphone sample, while Chill slides back and forth between weird double entendres and acerbic political commentary: “Ol’ earth know it’s hurt / Like pussy we pound it / Break it, buy it / Tell it that it need to diet / What this nation really needs is a pussy riot.” Chill is the kind of rapper who can rhyme French children’s cartoon character Caillou with Japanese monster genre kaiju on one song (“Clypped”) and then warn about police brutality in the next (“Peso”). Though his flow feels slow, his sharp tongue shows he’s got a lot on his mind, and like many of the best songwriters, Chill makes everything he does look easy while inviting his listeners to laugh, think, and groove all at once.   v