Leftover Crack Credit: Alan Snodgrass

You know what sounds like a terrifyingly wild idea? Pack the Metro full of the rabid Leftover Crack and Negative Approach fans, set them up in the middle of the venue’s floor, and let ’er rip. Headliner Leftover Crack’s fusion of ska with anarcho-crust punk has aged about as well as a torn-open bag of Franzia, but they’ll bring some major house-show energy to the historic club, and their devotees will come out in droves for the experience. The highlight of the night is the main support act, pioneering hardcore band Negative Approach; a regular on the reunion circuit since their performance at Touch and Go Records 25th anniversary festival in 2006 (as of 2018, their second act is already three times longer than their initial run from 1981 t0 ’84). The Detroit foursome haven’t released any new music since, but they don’t need to: their catalogue is perfect, furious hardcore with no frills or fuss, delivered to this day with unparalleled anger and intensity. There’s no better way to see a band like this than in a setting where artist and audience literally collide.   v