Robyn Credit: Tom Øverlie

There’s never much debate about whether or not a new Robyn album is a party—it’s rather about what kind of party it is. With her 2010 trio of Body Talk releases, the Swedish dance-pop phenomenon unleashed a rank of futuristic club bangers, several of which, including “Dancing on My Own” and “Call Your Girlfriend,” are still rightfully queued up on TouchTunes jukeboxes as a way to boost bar vibes when bar vibes are badly in need of boosting. But Robyn’s most recent full-length, 2018’s Honey (Konichiwa), simmers and writhes in its own restraint. Where crescendos and towering hooks define Body Talk, on Honey she glides rather than stomps through choruses—tracks such as “Missing U” and “Because It’s in the Music” melt forward, more subtle in their dance-pop moves and moods. And awesome closer “Ever Again” is damn near future funk in its struts. As a result, Honey is a chill, cohesive record that feels personal far beyond its lyrics.   v