The members of this local comedy-rock trio get a lot of practice being funny outside their gigs: Tony Mendoza (vocals, drums, Farfisa), Joanna Buese (bass, “kazoogle”), and Thea Lux (vocals, guitar) also perform with troupes like ComedySportz, Annoyance, and Sirens Improv. There are plenty of yuks on their self-titled EP (Roydale): a faux radio ad for a sandwich shop declares, “The only thing faster would be putting a sandwich gun into your mouth and pulling the trigger.” But they can also write a catchy pop tune: the melodic “Bye You” borrows from the 90s indie sounds of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr. And with his laconic delivery, Mendoza straddles novelty and surreality with his slacker-Dada lyrics–which keeps his punch lines from landing with an overstated “ba-dump-bum,” like those of similar Pie Pan Alley pop acts (say, They Might Be Giants). Baje, Moist Guitars, and Gabe Rosen & the Good Enough Band open. a 9 PM, Cal’s, 400 S. Wells, 312-922-6392, $5 suggested donation.