Little Big Credit: Base Productions

Little Big have all the nuance of a Las Vegas motel sign, but that’s the point. They’re a Russian rave band that have employed jackhammer drums, earthquake-inducing bass drops, and synths that could soundtrack for Sonic the Hedgehog on ecstasy to spoof Russian culture and dance-music cliches. The music on their two 2018 Antipositive EPs (SBA Music Publishing/Warner Music Russia) relentlessly bludgeon the listener—if you’ve ever made fun of teenage American EDM fans, these songs are likely the sound you imagined when you did it. But Little Big’s strengths (and, dare I say, genius) lie in their vigorous, funny videos—listening to the tracks without them can feel like being on the wrong end of a joke. In their viral clip for “Skibidi,” every living creature (and the occasional inanimate object) dances by repeatedly thrusting their arms together to form an “X” while simultaneously jerking one knee in the air, then alternating knees in time with the beat. During the song’s goofy chorus, the characters pull out a dance sequence reminiscent of the Macarena, performing the moves so effusively and with such exacting precision that they double as a demonstration of Little Big’s operating principle—to really sell a shtick, you’ve gotta embody it.   v