Dave Rempis performs in his practice space at Unity Lutheran Church on Wednesday, March 25, as part of the Quarantine Concerts series curated by Experimental Sound Studio, Elastic Arts, and the Hideout. Credit: Courtesy ESS

In a city with as much talent as Chicago, live music was going to find a way to keep happening, even with venues forced to close and public gatherings prohibited. Artists and institutions have begun livestreaming concerts (just as they’ve begun livestreaming classes, readings, theater performances, and much more), and some are even announced far enough in advance that the Reader can tell you about them. Below you’ll find a few to look forward to over the next week—some are one-off shows, while others are ongoing series. We’re also doing our best to maintain online listings for streaming events, which you can find here. Feel free to suggest additions in the comments!

If you’re able, please pay the performers through their virtual tip jar, or whatever other method they’re using. And definitely remind your friends to stream along with you.

Arcada Live!

Every evening at 7:30, the Arcada Theatre in Saint Charles will livestream concerts, DJ sets, interviews, cooking demos, and more.

Ballroom Boxer

This feel-good Chicago indie-rock trio are livestreaming three shows—one per day from Thursday, March 26, through Saturday, March 28—on their Instagram and YouTube channels.

Friday Night Fuzz Box

Every Friday night, the Fuzz Box DJs are livestreaming a five-hour set of party music, including soul, postpunk, psych, and noise rock. It’s a good opportunity to trade your bedroom slippers for dancing shoes, and the organizers helpfully suggest it’d make a perfect soundtrack for a Zoom call with all your pals.

Rosa’s Lounge

Staff at this historic club continue to provide some of the city’s finest live blues. Join them at 6:55 PM for “family happy hour,” where they’ll teach you how to make a delicious cocktail before the music starts at 7 PM. They’re also hosting Rosa’s Lounge Live Music School, where students can learn blues techniques in sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes.

The Quarantine Concerts

The Quarantine Concerts arose from a collaboration by three Chicago arts institutions: Experimental Sound Studio, Elastic Arts, and the Hideout. Inspired by the community building that links fringe artistic communities around the world, the series focuses on experimental music from Chicago and beyond. Each concert includes discrete sets by several artists, and upcoming events include showcases from local label Hausu Mountain, New York’s Social Norms series, and Nomi Epstein’s Acorn series.

Snow Burial

Chicago postmetal band Snow Burial were inspired to perform a semiacoustic set over livestream by the work of one of their own: drummer Brandon Seef is a physician’s assistant at two local hospitals. “Brandon’s been in the real thick of it, dealing with shortages of supplies and the terrifying health risks while providing care for those who need it the most,” says guitarist and vocalist Ben Bowman. “It puts my life in perspective.” The set is at 7 PM on Thursday, March 26, and benefits the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Social Distancing Presents

Launched by journalist and Reader contributor Mark Guarino, Social Distancing Presents is a Facebook forum that aims to provide a platform for artists stuck at home and unable to tour. Each video includes info on its digital tip jar, and though the focus is on local bands (including Gerald Dowd, Robbie Fulks, and Tijuana Hercules), Guarino also shares livestreams from other cities. “Music is something that creates a special bond between the audience and performer,” he says. “It just feels to me that the need for that connection is even stronger now. The livestreams can help provide continuity, but they can also give a dose of comfort that we’re all in this together.”

Third Coast Percussion

Grammy-winning quartet Third Coast Percussion will play a special performance from their studio at 7 PM on Saturday, March 28. The set will include music by Philip Glass, Devonte Hynes, Jlin, and Peter Martin.  v