Aperiodic Credit: Mark Doddato

Since 2010, Aperiodic has enriched Chicago’s new-music scene by performing new and rarely heard work by composers who augment their prescribed sounds with indeterminate events and collaborative processes. The ensemble, which is led by Nomi Epstein, which has premiered and revived rarely performed work by Pauline Oliveros, Michael Pisaro, Christian Wolff and Eva-Marie Houben. Now for its 36th performance the group turns inward, playing a program curated by its bass clarinetist, Jeff Kimmel. The selections include “Blackwing” (2018), a new piece by Canadian composer Linda Catlin Smith; “Extended Circular Music No. 8” by Jürg Frey, who is associated with the Wandelweiser collective; Makiko Nishikaze’s “Moremelodies I” (2014), which was selected from Aperiodic’s call for scores in 2017; and Kimmel’s own “Aqua.flv.” Kimmel’s composition is inspired by a series of videos containing geometric shapes and high-pitched tones that began appearing by the thousands on YouTube in 2013 under the user ID Webdriver Torso. Some speculated that they were products of spies or aliens (the truth was much less exciting; the channel was by created by YouTube to test quality control). Kimmel responded to the musical qualities of the videos, which he transcribed and sequenced into a composition. Video artist Kim Alpert will accompany the piece with a 3-D video.   v