Anatomy of Habit Credit: courtesy the artist

Chicago experimental-rock collective Anatomy of Habit have been conjuring up crushing gloom and doom throughout their ten years of existence, and they’ve recently moved into their next phase. Fronted by sole constant member Mark Solotroff, Anatomy of Habit’s shapeshifting lineup has seen a who’s who of heavy and weird music pass through its ranks, including John McEntire of Tortoise, Will Lindsay of Indian, Noah Leger of Facs, Greg Ratajczak of Plague Bringer, and Dylan Posa of Cheer-Accident. Tonight’s show is the first performance of a totally reconstructed lineup, which features relative newcomer Alex Latus on guitar, dexterous Mute Duo and Rash drummer Skyler Rowe, heady pedal-steel master Sam Wagster on bass, and Solotroff’s Bloodyminded bandmate Isidro Reyes on the signature Anatomy of Habit scrap-metal percussion rig. Solotroff is eager to show the world the band’s new members, and is especially excited for the new musical steps the group is making. He notes that there will be a few directional shifts, including writing “short” songs that fit into the eight- to ten-minute range (brief compared to the two 20-minute tracks that make up the band’s flawless 2014 effort, Ciphers + Axioms). Anatomy of Habit has always been an explosive, uncompromising band to watch perform no matter who Solotroff has backing him onstage, so it goes without saying that the debut of their current incarnation won’t be one to miss.   v