Yawning Man Credit: Katrin Saalfrank

Formed in La Quinta, California (“the Gem of the Desert”), in 1986, Yawning Man are largely considered the fathers of the desert-rock movement. The band’s now legendary “generator parties”—all-night drug-fueled jams held in the middle of nowhere and named for the equipment they’d use to power the shows—are still spoken about as life-changing moments by members of groups that emerged out of the same scene, including Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. Yawning Man recorded 3 or 40 demo tracks in the late 80s, but due to a series of musical distractions—they reinvented themselves as free-jazz-inspired punk group the Sort of Quartet and founding members Mario Lalli and Larry Lalli formed a parallel desert-rock band, Fatso Jetson—they didn’t release an album until 2005’s Rock Formations (Alone). Yawning Man make instrumental tunes that are way spacier and prettier than much of the music that’s come from the stoner-rock genre they helped kick off. On their third proper full-length, July’s The Revolt Against Tired Noises, they perfectly showcase their mystical, psychedelic, and acrobatic stargazing in a what are undoubtedly their best songs yet. Opening tonight’s show are Virginia band Freedom Hawk, who formed  the same year Yawning Man finally released a record and are stylistically indebted to their stoned-out desert-rock brethren.   v