Hip hop act Lowerlipdrip
Lowerlipdrip Credit: Lauren Davis

Experimental Chicago hip-hop duo LOWERLIPDRIP released four digital singles between 2019 and May 2020, each consisting of two tracks that overflow with freewheeling glee and unpredictable stylistic shifts. Those singles not only helped establish LLD as a local force to watch but also caught the attention of b4, a recently established imprint of venerable UK indie label 4AD. In October 2020, b4 issued LLD’s V, whose two songs maintain continuity with the duo’s previous work even as they plow fresh ground. This single combines the 80s adult-contemporary pop mysticism of “SCANDALOUS” and the dusty back-alley collage-funk of “FLAWLESS,” and both tracks channel LLD’s frenzied energy into smooth hooks that land with polished finesse. Though LOWERLIPDRIP recordings remain in short supply, even one of their scalding tracks is more satisfying than half an hour of the listless material on Spotify’s most popular rap playlists.

Victor Internet, LOWERLIPDRIP, Adan Diaz Thu 10/14, 7 PM, Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln, $16, all-ages