My inner handwringer says I shouldn’t encourage Macabre–think of the children, she says, especially the ones who can’t tell the difference between worshipping serial killers and satirizing people who worship serial killers. Even if the band’s kidding–and there’s no way to be sure they are!–some kid with an underdeveloped sense of humor might take them seriously and end up murdering somebody himself, and then on top of all the bloodshed we’d have to endure a bunch of self-righteous lawyering even more fucked-up than the suit that one poor dead guy’s parents filed against Ozzy for “Suicide Solution.” Of course, in the real world nobody will ever sue these local goof-metal diehards–they aren’t rich and famous enough, for one thing–and the sensible reason to dislike them is because their shtick is so fucking dopey. (If stage names like Corporate Death and Dennis the Menace aren’t shtick, I’ll be a rotten Popsicle.) But dopey has never stopped me before, and I love laughing like an idiot at these guys’ lyrics and trying to polka to their blistering tunage. My favorite Macabre release came out under an alias of sorts–in 2002 the Macabre Minstrels recorded a mercifully short EP showcasing the band’s sensitive side on five acoustic folk tunes, including a fairly faithful version of the summer-camp classic “The Cat Came Back” (“They thought he was a goner / But the cat came back / He just wouldn’t stay away”). Their most recent disc, the 2003 full-length Murder Metal, was a return to foul form, with the usual speed-metal mazurkas and loads of cringe-inducing forced rhymes like “Seven thousand volts I will apply / With battery cables clamped onto your scrotum / Your testicles I will fry.” Classy! Usurper, Destroy Everything, and Ion Vein open. Fri 12/23, 9 PM, Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee, 773-489-3160 or 312-559-1212, $10.