For more than a decade, guitarists Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar have had their controls set for the heart of the sun. In Vermonster and Crystalized Movements they used garage-rock tunes as launching pads for howling, over-amped freak-outs; in B.O.R.B. they wove detuned guitar and droning keyboards into spacey instrumentals; and Magic Hour, their supergroup with Damon & Naomi, mixed dizzying psychedelia and plaintive folk rock with faux ragas. Despite its celestial name, their newest combo, the Major Stars, has its boots in the dirt. The band’s first full album, The Rock Revival (issued, like most of Rogers and Biggar’s other discs, by the pair’s own Twisted Village label), is a satisfyingly heavy affair, its swaggering riffs and lacerating wah-wah guitar solos towering over Tom Leonard’s fuzzed-out bass lines and Dave Lynch’s foursquare, cymbal-soaked drumming. The Major Stars have rarely played outside Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Twisted Village also operates a record store, but reportedly their concerts make the excesses of the record look tame; the guitarists usually end a show rolling on the floor, savaging their instruments with beer bottles, against mike stands, or on the drum riser, yanking off strings, and driving the headstocks into the floor to warp the necks. This is their Chicago debut. Fragile Porcelain Mice headline; also appearing are the Prissteens and Sacrifice Isaac. Thursday, November 12, 10 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600. BILL MEYER

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): uncredited photo.