Marina Rosenfeld Credit: FABONTHEMOON

Sometimes Marina Rosenfeld is a turntablist who layers the sounds of specially made, heavily used acetates into gritty sonic expanses. Other times she is a conceptual composer. Her performers’ histories, interests, and personalities become material influences on a composition; for example, her desire to work with people of a generation that had grown up having personal relationships with their electronics led to Teenage Lontano, which she devised for the 2008 Whitney Biennale. The piece reimagined Györgi Ligeti’s orchestrations as a work for prerecorded electronics and teenaged singers (and American Idol fans) whose contemporary R&B-styled vocals were cued by shared iPods. Rosenfeld explores another kind of mashup on her latest LP, P.A. / Hard Love (Room40), by inviting dancehall reggae singer Annette Henry (AKA Warrior Queen) and improvising cellist Okkyung Lee to sing and play over her mixes of resonant electronics and field recordings sourced from an armory and a parking structure. For this appearance, part of the four-day-long Second Sexing Sound Symposium (SSSS!), Rosenfeld will present the Sheer Frost Orchestra: 17 female performers, many of whom may never have confronted a guitar before this weekend, will follow a graphic score that instructs them to agitate electric guitars with bottles of nail polish.   v