Last week, local metal maniac Carmelo Española debuted his fanzine Distort/Delay—he sent over a copy, and this wolf thinks it’s totally major! The inaugural issue, available via local distributor Diseased Audio, features a bevy of record reviews and interviews with the likes of Chicago doom merchants Bongripper, Phillip “VK” Kusabs of New Zealand black-metal fiends Vassafor, and Dave Kristiansen of Toronto death-metal band Abyss.

Primo local cassette label Plustapes has been pretty quiet this year—too quiet. Fortunately last week it released Urbanism and Ecology, an experimental dub album from Portland producer William Selman (aka Warmdesk). Plustapes cofounder Dustin Drase tells Gossip Wolf he’s already got six releases scheduled for next year.

Speaking of tapes, groovy garage label Dumpster Tapes is readying its first-ever compilation, Monster Compilation Vol. 1. It features 25 rockin’ local acts, including scum punks Flesh Panthers, bubblegum-­garage duo Slushy, and pop-rock wizard Paul Cherry. Monster Compilation drops in early January, but Dumpster Tapes has already started uploading the whole thing piecemeal to its Bandcamp page.

Chicago collective OnYou remind Gossip Wolf of about a bazillion of our favorite psych acts—their long-form jams echo the Velvet Underground, Can, Les Rallizes Dénudés, and even local groovers Bitchin Bajas. Imagine all those bands playing at once and you’ll get an idea of their tripped-out, propulsive vibe. Acid rock, y’all! OnYou released a couple EPs via California label Captcha in 2013, but this wolf hadn’t heard much from them lately—until the full-length Ultimum Photon a Sole dropped last month. It’s their best yet! And the dark-blue vinyl version that the band will have available at its record-release show (Fri 1/2 at the Hideout, with Shapers and headliners Chandeliers) would look groovy on any turntable.

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