Meth. Credit: Tyler Cieck

Loading up a Meth. song is a prelude to being viscerally blasted; the local six-piece, which debuted in 2017 with The Children Are Watching, operate at full boil 100 percent of the time as they blend power noise, metal, mathcore, hardcore, and straight-up screaming. In 2018, founder Seb Alvarez (Cadence Fox, Tweak) told the blog Open Mind Saturated Brain that he’s always wanted to call a project Meth. because of the word’s dark, uncontrolled implications. His other projects also suggest a level of hyperactivity—and on some, such as Liberal Scum’s recorded-in-90-minutes antifascist work White Amerikkka, he’s even more direct. Meth. released their second full-length, Mother of Red Light (Prosthetic), in August, and it’s a masterpiece of complex aggression that never quite numbs out the listener even as it overloads the senses.   v