Camilo Lara in concert
Camilo Lara makes music as Mexican Institute of Sound. Credit: Nacorock

Camilo Lara, who makes music as Mexican Institute of Sound, is hardly the only Latinx artist to meld traditional rhythms with contemporary electronic dance genres (Colombian group Bomba Estéreo, Ecuador-based producer Nicola Cruz, and fellow Ruido Festers Los Amigos Invisibles immediately come to mind). Lara is one of the most high-profile, though; he’s done production work with chart-topping artists such as Beck and Norah Jones, and he worked as the creative musical consultant on Pixar’s smash hit Coco. Lara’s latest record, Distrito Federal (Soy Sauce), meditates on his hometown of Mexico City and how it’s changed over the years, using a bubbling stew of styles and a motley cast of guest stars. Colombian trio La Perla provide harmonies and surging percussion to the fuzzed-out production of “El Antidoto”; Los Angeles singer-songwriter Cuco sings a dreamy retro ballad over watery psychedelia on “Poloma”; Spanish singer Joe Crepúsculo emotes against a chorus of “Hooked on a Feeling”-style ooga-chakas on “Cruzando el Río”; Graham Paxon of Blur adds snarling guitar to the boiling funk, smeary horns, and anti-xenophobic lyrics of “My America Is Not Your America.” Distrito Federal shakes its hips across international borders and through Mexico City’s past and present: the electro cumbia of “Dios” celebrates local food (quesadillas, chicharrones, gorditas), and “Se Compran” incorporates the cries of street vendors, whose soaring harmonies seem to call out to an older city slowly being swamped by the rising squall of new visitors and new technology. Mexican Institute of Sound’s energetic, stomping live shows also defy its academic-sounding name. Wherever he plays, Lara shows up with a rotating team of musicians, a broad-brimmed hat, and—like many of his fellow performers at Ruido Fest—a determination to get butts moving.

Ruido Fest day two featuring features Panteón Rococó, Mœnia, Ivy Queen, Enjambre, Inner Wave, Mexican Institute of Sound, Maye, Nahuales Underground, and more, Sat 8/21, 1 PM (Mexican Institute of Sound performs at 3:45 PM), Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph, $75-$195, all ages.