The four members of the band Así Así, all wearing denim jackets and three holding single flowers, gaze unsmiling into the camera in front of a vermilion wall
Así Así Credit: Hannah Sellers

Singer and guitarist Fernando de Buen López moved to Chicago from Mexico City in 2012 with his band El Mañana, who released one more album of jangly, psychedelic indie rock in 2014 before dissolving. In 2018 de Buen López resurrected the group as Así Así, and in summer 2020 they dropped two singles whose subtler grooves were tinged with melancholy electronic elements. Their current lineup—with drummer Ben Geissel, keyboardist Celeen Rusk, and bassist Sam Coplin—has been in place since last year, and over the past few months they’ve been on a furious hot streak. They’ve played a slew of shows and steadily released singles from their new album, Mal de Otros, which has been in the works since the pandemic began. Among its many standout tracks is the newest single, “Nómada,” which brings back a bit of the scrappy jangle from the band’s Mexico City origins. On Thursday, August 18, Así Así play a record-release show at the Hideout with support from the Roof Dogs and Troigo, and the next day they self-release Mal de Otros.

The latest single from the forthcoming Así Así album Mal de Otros

On Saturday, August 6, Liar’s Club hosts a benefit show for the Chicago Abortion Fund, and the lineup is stacked with exciting local bands: punk four-piece Boybrain (the new project of Patti Gran from the New Black), scuzzy punk trio Aweful, gutter-rock two-piece Heet Deth, and larger-than-life noise-rock duo Djunah! The Chicago Abortion Fund gets 100 percent of the proceeds; tickets are $16, and the show kicks off at 9:30 PM.

Recent music from everyone on the bill at this Chicago Abortion Fund benefit show

Synth-heavy, psychedelic-tinged rock four-piece 8-Bit Creeps have been kicking around Chicago for six years, but only now—on Friday, August 5—are they finally dropping their debut full-length, a collection of enthralling, gently whimsical pop-rock melodies called Dress for the Future. That night, they headline a show at Reed’s Local with openers the Daisy Heaves and Safety Town; the music starts at 8 PM.

The synth players in 8-Bit Creeps go by “Mick Kong” and “Ginger Glitch.”

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