Hide's Flesh for the Living and Alex Barnett's Chew From the Mind Credit: Courtesy Midwich

Last year, Gossip Wolf was stoked to report that one-man electro army Jim Magas was launching a label called Midwich—and this week the Bleader premieres tracks from new Midwich releases by Hide and Alex Barnett! Reader music editor Philip Montoro compares Hide’s “muscular, minimalist tracks” to “something you’d hear at a gas-powered vampire disco in a Mad Max movie”—check out the local industrial duo’s Flesh for the Living 12-inch and tell us they don’t run Barter­town! Barnett has filled his Midwich LP, Chew From the Mind, with creepy drones and claustrophobic electronics that could soundtrack a slow-build horror film—”Slapwalk,” for instance, weaves together twitchy synths and disembodied rhythms. Hide and Barnett play a release party at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, April 2.

When the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture opens in September, it’ll contain a piece of midwest music history: the original 1976 seven-inch of Death’s “Politicians in My Eyes” b/w “Keep on Knockin” that Moniker Records founder Robert Manis bought on eBay in 2007. Manis eventually connected the surviving members of the Detroit protopunk group to Drag City, which has released a whole slew of Death recordings. Manis says he donated the seven-inch to the Smithsonian in October and finished the paperwork last month. “It’s meant to be on display, not stored in a box on my shelf,” he explains.

GlitterGuts run Gossip Wolf’s favorite party photo booths, but they’re also nightlife impresarios. They’re part of the team behind sexy R&B dance monthly Bump & Grindcore, and now they’ve put together an event that’s got this Wolf digging through the memory Dumpster for old stories: a tribute to Wesley Willis! Expect lots of classic Wesley Willis Fiasco tracks, fan art, and a live band. The fun goes down Wednesday, April 6, at Beauty Bar, and it’s free!  v

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