Expire Credit: Courtesy the artist

Milwaukee’s best breakdown-hardcore band Expire were up-front about their intent to pretty much call it a circle pit following, first, the release of last September’s With Regret (Bridge Nine) and, second, some requisite so-long tours. And here we are: Expire’s last Chicago show (two days prior to their final good-bye in Milwaukee). Though their swan-song record is certainly a sculpted mix of groove-heavy collapses and Zach Dear’s guitar chugging in time with the kick pedal—sliced and diced by the heavy rasp of front man Josh Kelting—it’s way more than hamfisted paint-by-numbers hardcore rife with path after path to the all-in group vocal. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of that—and no doubt plenty of opportunities tonight to swarm the stage and have the mike shoved somewhere near your face—but Expire are nimble in how they rotate rhythms, sometimes shifting from full gallop to a hammering breakdown via a simple swooping bend from Dear. It’s a shame to see such a surefire juggernaut say farewell—especially one that lives only 90 miles north—but I’m sure they’ll properly abuse Subterranean tonight in celebration.   v