Miya Folick Credit: Maxime Imbert

LA singer-songwriter Miya Folick sings with such earnestness and power that if for some reason she instructed listeners to stomp on kittens in her lyrics, I’d be tempted to oblige. The sound of her voice and her command over it provide a strong focal point throughout her scattered, occasionally florid debut album, October’s Premonitions (Interscope). Though the post-chillwave indiepop of “Stock Image,” the post-EDM pop-rock of “Freak Out,” and uptown funk of “Leave the Party” glimmer enticingly, with a little stylistic tweaking they could explode. But when Folick’s pop-star ambition and songwriting strengths sync up with perfect production—with the shadowy, minimal postpunk thump of “Cost Your Love,” for instance—she’s invincible.   v