Moon Tooth Credit: courtesy the artist

This Long Island quartet threw down a gauntlet with their 2013 debut EP Freaks: 14 filler-free minutes of wickedly efficient prog metal. But on their debut self-released full-length, Chromaparagon, Moon Tooth stretch out and settle in, proving that they can comfortably sustain their inventiveness over a long span. There’s a little bit of Converge and the Melvins in the heaviest moments—plus a suggestion of a vestigial bluesiness that’s all but vanished from slicker and noodlier outfits—and for the most part the 12 diverse tracks are so full of left-field turns that it can get a little bit exhausting. Front man John Carbone is a warm-blooded howler who rides shotgun on riff-driven guitar duels—yet when Moon Tooth slow down or lay back just a little, their flexibility is delightful. Some of the longer tracks have a tendency to drift, but when they’re tight, they’re on fire.   v