Thomas DaVinci Credit: Mary Gentry

Chicago singer, producer, and rapper Thomas DaVinci is a chameleon, able to adapt his supple voice and fluid flow to any instrumental track. On his album Home Grown, which he self-released in May, he applies his versatility to a broad swath of stylish sounds, including a few that wouldn’t quite fit together without him. Granted, he produced all but one of the record’s songs, and it’s hard to throw yourself a curveball, but he creates a confident through-line connecting the white-knuckle boom-bap percussion and plastic neosoul synths of “Destinfinity,” the melancholy harplike notes of “Toxic,” and the summery, nostalgic melody and minimal 808 beats of “Just Another Day.” Though a few of the songs sag, DaVinci’s performances never feel like filler—he delivers tough-as-nails raps with expert precision and croons with a nuanced sensuality that’ll help you stop pining for a new Frank Ocean album.   v