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With Please Have a Seat, Nnamdï discovers the unexpected delights and anxieties of staying still

Nnamdï’s sixth and latest album, Please Have a Seat (Secretly Canadian/Sooper), begins and ends with versions of the same refrain: “Some days I wake up ready to run.” Sure enough, since moving to Chicago from the suburbs a decade ago, the inexhaustible artist has essentially operated at a dead sprint. He records prolifically. He co-owns […]

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Freddie Gibbs rides his rap roller coaster through hedonistic fun on Soul Sold Separately

Freddie Gibbs has been on a famous rapper roller coaster since he put out his first mixtape in 2010—a journey marked with decadent twists, dizzying heights, and equally terrifying descents. Public beefs with big-name artists, moments as a media darling, well-received acting roles (including the lead in last year’s Down With the King), and acquittal […]

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In her first Chicago appearance, Clara de Asís collaborates with Aperiodic to model the aesthetic virtues of nonintervention

Clara de Asís is a Spanish-born, France-based multi-instrumentalist and sound artist who uses played and collected sounds as prompts to focus the power of the listener’s attention on the potentialities of the sound fields around them. The crackle of static and the decaying reverberations of struck metal on her new collaboration with Ryoko Akama, Sisbiosis […]

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Swedish power-metal titans Sabaton continue to explore the Great War

Founded in 1999, Swedish power-metal veterans Sabaton cast a microscopic gaze on the horrors of war with a sweeping, majestic, and anthemic sound that walks the line between empathizing with humans on the battlefield and glorifying the unglorifiable. Their records deliver poetic lessons in military history (usually European), and though they aim to stay as […]

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UK electronic-noise duo Petbrick create a tantalizing sonic universe on their new album, Liminal

Plenty of bands do a lot with compact lineups, but few can match the huge black-hole vortex of sound that Petbrick creates. The London-based duo of British multi-instrumentalist and producer Wayne Adams and legendary Brazilian metal drummer Iggor Cavalera came together a few years ago with a plan to make “horrible noise” without compromise. But […]

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Discussing the Sun remix pop genres into a forlorn sound that’s all its own

I’ve heard plenty of great songs that capture the dissociative lonesomeness and strange thrills of navigating interpersonal relationships now that so much human communication is sucked up by the vortex of social media. The best recent example is “Shade,” a psych-tinged single that indie duo Discussing the Sun released to preview their new debut album, […]

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Ben Zucker’s stirring compositions are built on a lifetime of musical curiosity

Born in Pennsylvania, Ben Zucker lived in Berkeley, New England, and London before moving to Chicago for a graduate composition program at Northwestern University. He was excited to come here to study because he’d been a longtime fan of the city’s rich, varied musical scenes, including the jazz stalwarts in the AACM and the adventurous […]

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Guitarist Yonatan Gat and the Eastern Medicine Singers combine avant-garde jazz and rock with Native American music

UPDATE: As of Sunday 10/2/2022, the Medicine Singers and Yonatan Gat concert scheduled for the Empty Bottle has been canceled. Contact ticket point of purchase for refund information. The Eastern Medicine Singers are a traditional Algonquin drum and vocal group based in Rhode Island. They sing mostly in several Algonquian languages, some of which are […]