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1 PM: As a clotheshorse I spend more time figuring out what to wear than which bands are playing. Pitchfork’s not big on celebrity fashion (though I’m hoping Joakim Noah might get hip and leave Lolla behind). But it’s still a challenge: What outfit can handle the heat, goes well with neon, and isn’t prone to porta-potty fail? Once that is established—and combined with a cuppa Star Lounge coffee—the Atlas Moth will be my loud, locally sourced start to the day.

3:15 PM: Middling midday lineup’s got me headed to the Rice Table. Indonesian fare was so good last year I finished my plate mere steps from their booth. Great fuel for Cults too!

3:15 PM: I’ve seen Flying Lotus many times but can never resist how mad and happy he looks making beats.

5:15 PM: Wild Flag.

6 PM: Power nap in the Book Fort, beer cocktail.

7:30 PM: For folks all grumpy about summer flick Prometheus, the perfect cheer is Hot Chip‘s “Night and Day” video, with its pretty lady space explorer and dancing, egg-worshipping monks. Plus Terrence Stamp (“Do I look like a rapper?”) would have been a perfect Weyland, sans age suit. Let’s sweat!

8:30 PM: Grimes‘s airy pop provides a soft landing for a day that started hard. Meanwhile, maybe her Montreal brethren Godspeed You! Black Emperor will defy all municipal laws and keep playing, straight through till morning.

Next: Philip Montoro on the Atlas Moth and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

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