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2:30 PM: Iceage awakens Pitchfork with a start. Mosh pit full of kids who are either still drunk, 16 years old, or both.

3:45 PM: Back-to-back energy with the Men. I’m going to need more beer than I thought . . .

4:15 PM: Some sit-down time with Real Estate. That dude’s hair is long.

5:45 PM: Oneohtrix Point Never is one part Blade Runner, two parts mind bender.

6:30 PM: AraabMuzik: Best hip-hop act of the fest this year? Think so.

7:30 PM: Love the albums, but Beach House just doesn’t get me going live. Sorry, adoring press and hipster legions. The Field begs Union Park to lay down and pass out—in a good way. Make-out sessions everywhere.

8:30 PM: Vampire Weekend for three songs. I hold the band’s energy and exuberance against them and leave hoping to catch an ever-elusive cab. I can’t understand why I didn’t take Monday off.

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