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3 PM: Pre-P4K shots at Cobra Lounge around the corner from Union Park. W/R/T huge crowds, I need to be trashed like a fucking Hefty bag first. My social anxiety is everyone’s fault!

3:30 PM: I’m going with Lower Dens. I love Outer Minds, but they already play every good local show.

4:15 PM: Willis Earl Beal.

4:45 PM: Dessert from a vendor. Tip them generously! Do you know how soul crushing it is to wear a paper hat and serve ice cream bars to “festivalgoers” like Shellac’s Todd Trainer and the spawn of indie yuppies? I did this at P4K once, and wanted to cut out my windpipe and play it like a flute.

5:30 PM: Porta-potty time! Tim Hecker in broad daylight? No. A$AP Rocky? More like A$AP Corny!

6:30 PM: Big K.R.I.T. Pass the dutchie! I survived the first five iterations of twitchy Canadian emo without committing seppuku. No use teasing fate by watching Japandroids!

7:15 PM: Clams Casino. Sorry, Dirty Projectors, I’ll pass on the fangless three-part art-harmony gunk.

8:20 PM: Don’t foist any Feist on me. I didn’t bring a pillow! Besides, Purity Ring‘s “alluring troubled girls in diaphanous clothing” fan demo will be off the scales. Where my people at?!?

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