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11 AM: Wake up and carefully put myself back together following Friday night’s hangover-inducing
Human Eye and Psychic Paramount show
at Cobrafest.

12:30 PM: Locate the best dream spot of all time in one of the Reader‘s two Bike Villages.

1 PM: Check out Psychic Paramount‘s instrumental firebombs for the second time in less than 14 hours and see how well a fog machine translates during an early-afternoon beatdown of sweltering heat.

2 PM: Take trip one to Flatstock to check out Ryan Duggan, Johnny Sampson, and Sonnenzimmer’s poster booths.

2:45 PM: Watch an awkward two-piece Liturgy set and sorely miss the drumming of Greg Fox.

3:30 PM: Stroll by the Cults set and wait three minutes to see if I get hooked in by Madeline Follin’s cutesy indie-popness.

3:45 PM: Take the first of several beer and shade breaks, followed by a cookie-dough cone of Temptation Vegan Ice Cream, because it’s Pitchfork and, hey, I’m letting loose.

4:15 PM: Catch the end of Youth Lagoon‘s chill set of bedroom-composed indie pop while leaning against a tree.

4:45 PM: Maybe tweet some shit or something.

4:50 PM: Skim through the offerings at the CHIRP Record Fair hoping to find an original copy of Dr. Feelgood and be disappointed when it inevitably doesn’t happen.

5:15 PM: Duh, Carrie Brownstein and Wild Flag.

6:15 PM: Watch Sleigh Bells and yearn for the band’s hardcore party-pop days of 2010.

6:40 PM: Visit Steff Bomb at her craft booth and watch passerbys giggle and point at severed hand plush toys.

7:45 PM: Listen to Hot Chip‘s electro thump-thump bleed way too much into Danny Brown‘s set.

8:15 PM: Stake out a good spot for the Godspeed You! Black Emperor set where I can actually view the Lemieux film projections.

8:45 PM: Achieve enlightenment.

10 PM: Attend the
Men and Ty Segall aftershow
at the Empty Bottle, drink a Hamm’s, and return to Earth.

Next: Britt Julious on Flying Lotus and Chromatics.

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