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3 PM: Line up before the gates open to explore the side attractions—CHIRP Record Fair, Flatstock, Soundplay arcade—before the surging crowds make it difficult to enjoy, well, anything.

4 PM: Camp out at the Blue stage and prepare for Willis Earl Beal because, well, duh. I just can’t imagine missing him!

5 PM: After Beal’s set yo-yo between the three stages in an attempt to catch a few acts I’m vaguely curious about but don’t have a strong desire to see in full: the tail end of Olivia Tremor Control‘s set, Tim Hecker, and A$AP Rocky.

6:15 PM: Stay put at the Blue stage for Japandroids‘ set, which, given the duo’s penchant for “rocking,” should help work up an appetite.

7:15 PM: Grab some grub and casually enjoy the sounds of Dirty Projectors from whatever shaded spots are within earshot of the Red Stage.

8:15 PM: Wrap up the day at the Blue stage with Purity Ring, who will probably end things with enough time to sneak out before Feist and the aforementioned crowds exit.

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