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1 PM: Drink water. Drink another water right after that. Maybe also one of those vegan frappuccinos from the hippie food stand.

2:30 PM: Hit up Iceage on the Green stage and hope they play “Broken Bone” before heading to the Blue stage for the always-good . . .

2:45 PM: Thee Oh Sees.

3:30 PM: Visit my friend CJ’s Bang Media table at Flatstock and ask him if he’s seen any good vintage Jaws knockoff movies recently.

4:15 PM: Catch a half hour of relaxing Kendrick Lamar.

5:15 PM: Try to find the exact location on the festival grounds where you get the perfect mix of Chavez‘s Red stage set and . . .

5:45 PM: Oneohtrix Point Never‘s Blue stage one.

6:15 PM: Find someone to stand next to with whom I can frequently point at the stage and mouth the words “What the fuck?” because of how sick AraabMuzik is.

7:30 PM: Eat something deep-fried.

8:30 PM: Gaze at the darkening sky and wonder what indie’s current soft-rock moment means in terms of our generation’s impending Big Chill moment. Get distracted and excited when Vampire Weekend plays “A-Punk” and feel a little better about things.

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