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3 PM: I’m from the generation that grew up listening to music in a “cave” or club—meaning the darker, the faster, the better. This is the primer for my selections. Anything remotely hippie sounding is off the list.

4:15 PM: The first show I check out is Willis Earl Beal. I am intrigued to experience his voice unfold and carry a big stage in the afternoon. What kind of style statement or visual element will he incorporate in his set? For sure, it will be a lyric-heavy performance that will contrast the next show I am anticipating . . .

5:15 PM: Tim Hecker—electronic music at its finest. However, it will be quite difficult to go against the raging elements of a summer festival. I am hoping the full-blasted sound system will pick up on all the nuances in his music, mixing lightly into the white noise of the festival to form a special aural experience.

6 or 6:15 PM: I give myself a bit of a schedule break and float toward anything that catches my eye or ear, but come 7:20, I am ready for . . .

7:15 PM: Dirty Projectors! Having been on the road for years, this band will pull off a great show. I’m looking forward to their fashion statement as well—Hammer pants, perhaps?

8:20 PM: Then off to Feist. Nothing like a Friday sunset with a musician of this caliber.

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