All Them Witches Credit: Robby Staebler

All Them Witches are a heavy blues-rock band from Nashville that recently pared down to a trio following some lineup hiccups on the keyboards late last year. The group are kicking off a long tour that’ll take them through the U.S. and Europe on the back of their powerful fifth album, last fall’s ATW (New West). Their sound leans heavily on the Black Sabbath/Blue Cheer/Hawkwind flavors of black-and-blue riff rock, which they pull off seamlessly: “Workhorse” has an irresistible low build and grind, and “1st vs. 2nd” sustains a trance-inducing chug just long enough to blast it into space, Pink Floyd style. With or without keyboards, vocalist Charles Michael Parks, guitarist Ben McLeod, and drummer Robby Staebler are a tight unit that can turn on a dime—perhaps recording in a remote mountain cabin, and stripping back down to basics after their relatively elaborate 2017 album, Sleeping Through the War, instilled a new discipline.   v

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