Mikey Wells of Flamingo Rodeo and Ne-Hi Credit: Courtesy the artist

Flamingo Rodeo, the solo project of Ne-Hi guitarist and singer Mikey Wells, made a splash last year with Said Unsaid (Shuga), which was not only its full-length debut but also its debut as a full band. Easing away from the locked-in postpunk of Wells’s main group, Flamingo Rodeo showcases his knack for simple, breezy hooks—these songs are basically indie guitar pop, touched with spacey looseness, heartland-rock twang, or warm AM Gold production. Today the Reader premieres the project’s first music video, for “Disguise,” directed by Alexa Viscius. It’s a delightfully nostalgic peek into a carefree summer day: its easygoing, slow-paced images, which have the look of old-school camcorder footage, perfectly match the song’s floaty push and pull.  v