Cherry Glazerr Credit: Pamela Littky

Cherry Glazerr are a rock band. Now, you can go and split that hair a thousand different ways—comparing them to a predictable string of women-fronted groups that were popular in the 90s or acknowledging that their not-so-delicate balance of styles is two parts vintage this and one part modern that, among other critiques. But the only thing that matters is that Cherry Glazerr are a goddamn rock band led by Clementine Creevy, a rising star who’s as likely to balance herself atop a bass drum or kick over a floor monitor onstage as she is to flick forward airy vocal harmonies. And on last year’s Stuffed & Ready, the young band’s third full-length (and second for Secretly Canadian), they draw in listeners with pulsing, crisp melodies before drum-rolling them into swooping chorus breakdowns with crunchy power-chord guitar riffs, wide-open hi-hat rhythms, and Creevy’s unadulterated super spirit. Though Cherry Glazerr’s formula is so tried-and-true you can anticipate the chord changes on the album’s best tracks, including “Daddi” and “Juicy Socks,” they do it so well you’re plenty happy to accept it with every song; sometimes it’s very pleasant to listen to a band and only have to think, “Welp, this rocks.”   v