Lone Piñon Credit: WENDY JOHNSON

The members of this Santa Fe trio have channeled a relatively broad array of musical interests into the traditional folk of northern Mexico and the American southwest. Only Noah Martinez—who doubles on the upright bass and its mammoth Mexican six-string cousin the guitarrón—is of Mexican lineage. He grew up in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque on a diet of norteño, ranchera, and the music of the Onda Chicana movement, and has undoubtedly helped familiarize his bandmates with those traditions. Fiddler and accordionist Jordan Wax hails from Missouri, where he grew up playing the music of the Ozarks, while guitarist Greg Glassman followed an interest in banjo music to Morocco, where he played with Gnawa musicians. The trio’s wide-ranging performances on both last year’s self-released Trio Nuevomexico and their assured follow-up, Días Felices (due in May from LM Duplication, the label operated by Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost of a Hawk and a Hacksaw), are characterized more by passionate enthusiasm than by rigorous purity, but Lone Piñon are clearly still exploring, and there’s no missing the fact that they deliver a boisterous good time. This is their Chicago debut.   v