Shredders Credit: Zoe Prinds

Minneapolis rap collective cum label Doomtree have figured out a sustainable source of inspiration that could very well carry them through the decades: each other. Seven members strong (with five MCs among them), Doomtree have released a flurry of solo and group albums over the years, not to mention the offshoot projects in which some members team up with a hodgepodge of other musicians to try something new. In 2010 Doomtree rappers Dessa and P.O.S. hooked up with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, Har Mar Superstar, and about a dozen others to form the soft-rock group Gayngs (Doomtree eventually released a remix EP of Gayngs’ debut, Relayted). Several members of that project, including P.O.S., went on to form the experimental, noise-adjacent band Marijuana Deathsquads. Shredders is the latest outfit from Doomtree’s members, and with a lineup of rappers P.O.S. and Sims along with producers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger, it keeps things squarely in the family. Those who’ve loved Doomtree’s bone-crushing, percussion-centric instrumentals and verbose, punk-inflected lyrics should have no trouble getting into Shredders’ 2017 debut, Dangerous Jumps (Doomtree)—this configuration of the umbrella organization is leaner, meaner, and invigorated. On “Xanthrax” P.O.S. and Sims sound as energized as the nervy, New Orleans bounce production, which is to say, Shredders come in high and stay that way.   v