Charly Bliss Credit: Jacqueline Harriet

I like Charly Bliss way more than I should. The NYC foursome—really a pop act disguised as a punk band—ticks countless boxes on the list of things that immediately annoy me or make me roll my eyes: goofy, quirky lyrics; cute and zany music videos; pristine production values; and an unabashed Weezer influence (more the bad era than the good). But I let my guard down for 2017’s Guppy (Barsuk), and I’ve been completely hooked ever since. I’m willing to bet I listened to that record more than anything else that year, and even their syrupy cover of LEN’s “Steal My Sunshine” (recorded for the A.V. Club’s Undercover series) earned approximately 200 YouTube plays from me. Look past the radio-ready gloss and bubbly energy of Charly Bliss to find sharp playing, brilliant songwriting, and (from singer Eva Hendricks) some of the catchiest choruses you’ll ever hear. The band just released a new single, “Heaven,” a sweet, fuzzy banger that once again channels Weezer—except this time it sounds like one of their best tracks ever, 1994’s “Holiday.” Sorry for judging your book by its cover, Charly Bliss. I’ve learned my lesson and I love you.   v