Nesbitt “Nez” Wesonga Credit: Courtesy of Biz 3 Publicity

Chicago artist Nesbitt “Nez” Wesonga broke out in the early 2010s with hip-hop production crew Nez & Rio. By 2014, they’d helped make a bona fide hit album: Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron features three Nez & Rio tracks, including the triumphant single “Man of the Year.” Q had previously enlisted the duo for 2012’s “Druggys Wit Hoes Again,” which contains flashes of Chicago house—and nearly a decade later, Nez is still finding ways to express his love of house music. On his new solo EP, Midnight Music (The Wild Children/Three Six Zero/Sony), he even recruited Chicago dance legend Felix da Housecat for the mood-setting kickoff track, “Lift Off,” which gradually intensifies its lean, flawless club production into a volcanic bounce. Midnight Music makes its home on the borders of hip-hop, house, R&B, and brooding electronic music, and Nez draws on these styles in whatever proportions he pleases—his only rule is to create pristine pop that encourages people to make the most of a dance floor’s dark corners. The debonair “My Love” echoes the great 12-inches that turned house into a global phenomenon and demonstrates Nez’s keen understanding of where to take it next.   v