I came here with three of my buddies and I’d forgot my ID. I lived only a few blocks away, so I ran back to get it. When I got back the guy at the door was like, “This is a phony ID.” He finally let me in after giving me a really hard time. We were at the bar getting drinks when he walked over to us and asked me for more ID. I had two credit cards on me and that was it. I showed him the cards, verifying that Diaz was my name, and he left me alone and we went to the back where the band was playing and hung out there for a while. I came back to the bar to get another drink, and he walked up to me and asked to see my ID again. At this point I was like, “This is the Beat Kitchen; it’s not like we were trying to get in some high-end club. There’s no need for me to want to get in here with a phony ID.” It was just too much, so we left–with him following us outside. The funny thing is that he didn’t even look like he was 21; he looked like a punk kid. When we got outside I suddenly had an inspiration and walked back up to him and asked, “Can I see your ID, please?” He just stood there and looked stupid for a minute. Then he quickly went inside and closed the door.

–Rick Diaz, parts technician