One of the things I did right away when I got back from Iraq was come here, where I used to drink when I went to UIC. I went over to Iraq in April 2003 and was sent home in August until February, then back until April. From April until August I was in Kuwait–which was great because they kinda have nightlife. The malls are bumpin’ and crowded with people. It’s like “California Dreamin'” on the Gulf Road, or like Lake Shore Drive–these guys have Mercedes Benzes, BMWs, Ferraris, and they’re cruisin’ about. When you’re in Iraq you see these poor people in tents; in Kuwait you see guys with Italian boots and open designer shirts, total LA movie-star gear. A guy like that can be hanging out with some dude who looks totally traditional with the head garb and robes. When we first got over there I was near Iraqi towns at night. You’re in the middle of nowhere and you can see every star in the sky. There are little cafes open serving hot tea, really sugary, in tall glasses and people sitting on the pavement because it’s cooler there. The people who sell alcohol are probably synonymous with people who sell weed in our country–you’re allowed to have alcohol, but you’d never open a bar or a club. Absolutely not. –David Haigh, National Guardsman