At Christmas one year at work we collected presents for children with AIDS. I took it very seriously and got a lot of great toys for these kids. A couple of nights later I was here at my local pub with my friend and coworker Mary, who’s from Ireland, where I spent my high school years. In Ireland every Christmas the nuns are emphasizing the poor missionary babies, the poor AIDS babies, babies in orphanages, starving babies, etc–it’s completely drummed into you. So Mary tells me that the guy who runs the company was going to a Christmas party and had forgotten to buy presents for his nieces and nephews, and so took the presents I’d bought out of the AIDS care box. I was absolutely furious, and while we sat there talking about it the boss walked in. We both started yelling across the bar, “You stole from the poor bald AIDS babies! How could you?!” The boss came over, appropriately sheepish, and insisted that he’d replaced the toys–which he had. But from then on, all Christmas long, whenever he’s off to go buy something or do something, we say to him, “Well, the poor bald AIDS babies can’t go out for dinner” or go shopping or whatever. Believe me, he’ll never hear the end of it.

–Annette Joys, Youth Worker