Eight of us came here one night. They have a Captain Morgan’s Balls drink special, and I’m like, “What is this, is it good? I have to order two.” So we’re drinking, drinking, drinking. They have this great selection of games, including Jenga. This is the dirtiest Jenga ever, because whoever comes to the bar writes in the stuff that you have to do when you pick a piece. So over the next two hours there’s a demonstration of–well, you name it: Our favorite sex position, which is called the wheelbarrow (I ended up riding my friend Sarah). There’s a When Harry Met Sally moment. There was eating cherries out of belly buttons, doing tequila body shots, girls hitting on girls, hitting on guys, basket grabbing. One of the suggestions was “Go into the bathroom and take your panties off and bring them to the table,” which I did. I think that was the only article of clothing that came off. Anytime the little cube said to do something to a stranger, we used the group at the next table, so we all got involved. There were like 20 of us playing this. We ended up doing this conga line around the entire bar. Now you understand why I like board games so much.

–Erin M., fashion retail sales