I just wear white when I take X rays; the rest of the time I wear Renaissance clothing. I’ve always dressed like this. I love velvet. I’ve been doing this since 1988, when I first went to the Renaissance Faire. In the summer you can find me there lacing women into bodices–it’s the job that every man wants! I have at least 50 Renaissance outfits: quite a few bodices, some leather, one is custom-made with my band logo, a lot of brocade, probably 15 or 20 sets of matching velvet leggings, poet shirts, a number of long dresses, Tudor skirts (six or seven of those), maybe 20 pairs of boots. I love to wear costumes out in public. They’re just so romantic, and people become kinder and gentler when you’re dressed like this, because suddenly you’re the princess. I might also wear parts of the courtesan outfit when I’m at home. I wear velvet leggings every day–I vacuum in them. I’ve worn a Renaissance wedding dress here for my annual Love Goddess Show. I collect women who do poetry, art, and music. They don’t have to wear Renaissance clothing. I just tell them to dress really hot.

–Jamie Lynn Paradise, rock musician/radiologic technologist