I was here with my friend Steve after an annual awards show that our theater company used to host. Everybody used to dress to the nines or wear goofy costumes. Steve had on a bunny costume. We went out on the dance floor, and one of the guys from behind the bar came and tapped him on the shoulder and said he couldn’t dance in the bunny suit. We thought the guy was kidding, because you look around and see people with nose piercings and body piercings and dressed in their particular way. But the guy is not kidding, and he tells Steve, “You’re going to have to remove the bunny suit or leave the dance floor.” We go into the bar, where it’s absolutely fine for Steve to drink and wear the costume. We still want to dance, so Steve removes the bunny head, and we dance without him wearing the head, or we dance with him just wearing the head. It was fine with the head or with the suit–but not both. What does Smart Bar have against bunnies? I think it’s cooler to wear a bunny suit than poke holes in your face.

–Rebecca Sohn, actor/writer