One night I was here at one of the outside tables. At another table was this attractive lady, then an empty table, and then another man. They were talking across the empty table. Then I see this gentleman who is a frequent visitor here take the table between them. I’m not passing judgment, but he’s a psychotic socializer. He just walks up and talks to anybody. He works the crowd almost like a politician, shaking everybody’s hand. So he started talking up the beautiful girl and totally overwhelmed her. I could see smoke coming out of the other guy’s ears, and the lady got up and walked away–the strange man had run her off. Then the Socializer left because he’d lost his prey. That’s when I sat down and introduced myself to the other guy, saying, “Don’t feel bad–the Socializer has claimed another victim.” Steve and I have since become really good friends, but we’ve never seen the woman again. I’ve probably seen the Socializer 15 to 20 times.

–Knute Anderson, wine shop owner/insurance broker