CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK . . . So our apartment was in flames, I was out on the front lawn and had recognized a neighbor from here where I work, and I was in a state of hysteria because our two cats were still inside. My boyfriend Brett showed up, and though the place was still smoldering they let him go in. He found Ronin under the couch in the living room, wet up to his knees but OK. And he finally found Iaido, our second cat, about two hours later in the neighbor’s backyard. Iaido was soaking wet and covered in glass–which means that he was in the bedroom for the whole fire and jumped through the window when the firemen axed it out. I think the cats woke me up in the first place and saved me. The funniest thing about the fire happened at around five in the morning, when we went into the apartment to see what we could salvage. I had this Mr. T key chain that played six different sayings like “I pity the fool” and, my favorite, “First name Mister, second name Period, last name T.” When we went in after this terrible ordeal the entire bedroom was a charred shell, but on a running loop was Mr. T’s voice: “First name Mister, second name . . .” over and over again. I said to my boyfriend, “Hey, if Mr. T made it through the fire, fine. If he can make it, we can make it.”

–Heidi Junge, server