There’s always something going on out front here. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I was at the aquarium and I met this gentleman, very well dressed, who said to me, “Has anyone ever said you have beautiful feet?” He asked if I would take my sandals off and allow him to massage my feet and I said, “No thank you,” and moved away quickly. Later on I encountered him again, and he asked me if I would have dinner. He said that he would love to kiss my feet after dinner and take me to Stuart Weitzman for a new pair of shoes. I thanked him but declined even though I could use another pair of shoes–who couldn’t? He also told me that he and his friends had a partnership that dealt in luxury cars. A week later I was here when I noticed a commotion–there were police cars all around. I saw a Lexus SUV with all the doors opened. When I looked closer I saw my foot friend from the aquarium being led with handcuffs into a police car. I said, “Hi, do you still want to kiss my feet?” He looked up and said, “This is a bad time, but how about later?”

–Janet Davis, flight attendant