My friend Sue is my neighbor. She lives in the building across the street from me. We face each other–we do fashion shows on the balcony before we come here and compare notes on our cordless phones. One night Sue called me up and said, “Can you hear that? There’s a guy on his balcony above you playing guitar.” I said, “Yes, I can vaguely hear him playing something.” This went on for a while last summer: she would be on her balcony and I would be on mine and we would be serenaded each night for half an hour or so. A whole group of us were here one night for girl talk and Sue said, “Look, it’s the guitar player.” I turned around and saw this guy with short blond hair and a very fit build–he looked more like an athlete than a musician. “Oh my God,” I said. “I know this guy from the elevator.” He noticed that we were looking at him and walked right up to us and introduced himself. We chatted for a while and admitted that we loved listening to the live music. He thanked us and said, “I’m willing to take requests if you have any.” We’re still trying to think of a great song. Any ideas, anyone?

–Rita Lang, pharmaceutical sales